Minneapolis, MN April 9, 2016
Graveti: Building a stronger tech startup ecosystem by focusing on minorities.

Everyone wants to make their city a stronger startup hub but forget to focus on the minority, which is set to be the majority in 2040. Graveti, is looking to be the driving force behind this. The best way to create to a more diverse and inclusive workforce and entrepreneurial community; is to focus on those from underrepresented backgrounds like people of color. Mentorship is very important but it’s a resource we lack in the Twin Cities (especially among people of color). Which is why we should focus on startups founded by people of color and help them succeed, than others are more likely to pursuit their idea and launch a startup. Many programs out there but not enough focused on entrepreneurship. Many events are ‘For Entrepreneurs’ but not run by Entrepreneurs. To make our hub stronger, let’s help entrepreneurs succeed. Let’s hire more women and people of color. Important to develop skills in the youth early on to expose them to entrepreneurship and tech, as they’re the next wave. By bringing the community together and pushing the needle, we’ll build a true land of opportunity for anyone, regardless of background. Join us!

* Graveti, is a social venture that helps create pathways of success for those from underrepresented backgrounds, with a focus on people of color (latino/as, blacks). *