Seattle, WA May 6, 2017
African American Career Burn-Out: Self-Care and Preventing Career Burn-out

Black men and women are dying at a faster rate than any other racial group. We feel the need to work twice as hard as our counterparts. We don't want to be seen as the slacker, we have something to prove. All the while we're suffering from stress, High blood pressure, and Heart Disease. How do we as individuals, make a commitment to ourselves and the generations to come, to be spiritually, and mentally healthy to combat the everyday stress of working in IT. We have deadlines, and in IT there is a big push to stay current. As Minorities we have a fear of speaking up, and out regarding bandwidth. Career opportunities don't just come around freely. Although this is true, I'd like to help people implement a few exercises and mental help tools to relieve stress from work in a high paced IT position.