FOSS it up, with women !

The world of open-source is attracting budding developers to contribute & enrich this sphere, but unfortunately there seems to be a highly skewed sex-ratio which is perturbing nonetheless. According to a recent survey by Toptotal, only 11% of open-source participants and developers are women. This might be due to the fact that women especially find it intimidating to get started with contributing to open source. The speaker wishes to back them up solidly by answering questions, throwing light on the issues that they usually have. It aims at introducing the audience to the world of FOSS and elaborate the vast range of opportunities available. The speaker shall converse her involvements and experiences in Open Source with a handful of organisations and its impact. A special emphasis shall be on the dearth of women in technology. The talk aspires to inspire budding girl developers and showcase women who’ve made significant contributions to technology.