Portland, OR June 27, 2015
Broken Body Beautiful: how taking selfies with my iPhone helped me find self-love

Selfies get a lot of flak for breeding narcissistic, self-absorbed attitudes - but I've found the opposite is even more true! When you don't look the way our culture expects, even looking in the mirror can be painful. Being different from society's unrealistic expectations in any way brings us shame, fear, self-abuse, anger, depression. We avoid looking at ourselves, which can increase self-hatred and dissonance, making us feel even more isolated. I'm fat, disabled, pierced, and tattooed; I don't even vaguely look like society expects me to look, and I've felt it all.

But many of us now have access to a magical tool; a camera at our fingertips. Turning the lens on yourself can be terrifying, but also extremely liberating. I went from studiously avoiding my own reflection to being absolutely in love with myself, one selfie at a time - and you can do the same!