Berlin, Germany May 13, 2017
Making your voice heard: Open Source Needs You

The people who contribute to an OSS project are the ones shaping its future. But if you've never contributed to an Open Source project before, it can be daunting to submit your first pull request and become part of its community, especially if you're from a marginalised group. This might keep you from contributing in the first place, meaning your voice, experience, and opinions will be lost. What if you could submit a pull request with confidence, contribute your skills & experience, and become a meaningful part of a project? My talk will explain what contributing to Open Source actually means, show the (social and technical) ways in which you can contribute, and present paths to get started with your first contribution. By the end, you will know how to find a project you’re passionate about, and how you can go about improving it and the Open Source community—one contribution at a time.