Portland, OR November 4, 2017
The Social Responsibility of Coding

The power of technology is in its vast reach and scale, as well as its adaptability. We build fast and break things, but what happens when we build fast and make decisions that have real-world ramifications? The impact of our work can be as small as only ourselves, or as large as the world. Understanding our social responsibility as creators is the first step to creating ethical, sustainable, and useful technology.

Portland, OR June 27, 2015
Sniffing for Culture Smells & Interviewing Critically

It is incredibly difficult to find a good place to work that matches your very unique requirements. How do you interview successfully while also critically examining a company? How do you sniff out culture smells and determine if a company’s work environment will be toxic to you? How do you discern if you will thrive or drown? Examining perspectives, policies, and real-world practices on diversity, employee satisfaction, and HR is not always best done with a questions-only approach. This talk details a multi-pronged approach to interviewing successfully with potential future employers that will help you sniff out culture smells.