New York City, NY December 10, 2016
Diversity and Inclusion in Tech through a Hamilton lens

Though both diversity and inclusion are important, it's not enough to be in the room where it happens (which is like diversity)--you want both the Adams Administration as well as Washington on your side, which is like inclusion. The latter breeds the former because even on a diverse team, you could still be uncomfortable and helpless.

Though I grew up in Silicon Valley as a non-STEM person, I am here today as a computer science student and developer advocado because of diversity initiatives. After attending and speaking at tech meetups and conferences on both American coasts, I realize now that companies should initially focus on inclusivity, which will in turn lead to diversity. I realize now that the diversity initiatives were successful because of the empowering and supportive atmosphere, and that that same atmosphere is also obtained through inclusion (and not necessarily diversity.)

So what's the difference between the two? Don't wait for it--I will use Hamilton lyrics to go over similarities, differences, and the importance of both.