Melbourne, Australia September 23, 2017
Gaming against Domestic Violence

Hannah, your long lost friend re-enters your life but something’s not quite right. She’s not going to social events; she’s withdrawn and she seems distracted. She’s always cancelling at the last minute and you’re starting to get worried. So you take out your phone and start the most important conversation you’ll ever have.

In Australia, 1 in 4 women have experienced emotional abuse from a partner and 1 in 3 have experienced physical violence since the age of 15. Currently in development, Hannah aims to promote the significant role family and friends play in supporting victims of domestic violence. More and more of our communication with our friends takes place through technology and using Hannah’s Messenger style gameplay, you’ll become a lifeline for Hannah as you use your phone to develop your friendship, and support her in real time throughout her journey to rebuild her self-esteem and access support services.

Through interactive gameplay which emulates the instinctive responses of victims of DV, Hannah aims to raise awareness of the complex mental and emotional pain of DV and how friends and family who may feel helpless to assist can provide relevant and useful support. This development of this game hits me on a personal level, as a victim of DV I felt inspired to share my experience and spread awareness of the support I needed during that time.
This could be you, your best friend, or a family member. Or it could be Hannah. Right now, Hannah needs your help.