Minneapolis, MN April 9, 2016
Aging and Accessibility in Tech

This is a presentation focused on making the IT workplace more accessible physically, as well as culturally, to both older workers and workers who need accommodations. While there can be overlap between the two groups regarding physical accommodations, it's the attitudes and assumptions that most often drive away older or disabled workers. We'll be talking about these issues as well as discussing ways to make your projects and workplace accessible to an experienced and diverse workforce.

Key points:
- Considering accessibility - why it matters
- Tips for creating more accessible projects and products in the tech industry
- Gender breakdown - differences in how older female-presenting workers are treated vs. older male-presenting workers in IT
- Why older female-presenting workers often don't stay in the field: lack of support, role models, mentors, assumptions about abilities
- Advantages to hiring and retaining older workers of all genders