The Beep Protocol

Beep-beep make way for the women in tech.
Let us face it, women at all stages in their lives have to make sacrifices to do the job they are doing. And our organisations are working equally hard to retain and nurture these women in tech(working women in general). But what organisation have failed to understand is, what drives these women to work? Why the hassle? The answer is as simple as the sound of a beep! The BPP protocol stands for the 3 pillars that draw women to work- Sense of Belonging, Purpose and Peace(in that order). The speaker recognised these principles after interacting with working women(all non-tech) of her acquaintance. Through this talk we shall explore how leassons learned from other professions can drive better policy change for women in tech. By following the BPP protocol organisations can build a workplace that is diverse, inclusive and happy.(Yes, it is possible!)