Paris, France July 9, 2016
Creating a voice: Why starting the Scottish Rainbow LGBT+ group is important.

As an Gay man in the Scottish game development community I felt like there was no community, I went through my university career not knowing if there would be a place for me within a studio.

Over the short period of time I have worked in Industry I found that the game development LGBT+ community is very disperse, although it was a great that it exists in various forms, after attending other talks and events surrounding LGBT+ issues in games it became quite clear and the focus of discussion within these communities was being very skewed towards local issues.

So after dwelling on this I decided to create a more local/focused community, somewhere that we can safely discuss anything we want, wether that be games, issues, dev, community, anything! The goal being to allow the Scottish LGBT+ Game Dev community to have a voice in the sea of game development communities.