Austin, TX August 26, 2017
Distributing your way to a diverse workforce

For all of their emphasis on disruption, modern tech companies still rely on structures that are decidedly mid-century. Distributed workplaces, i.e., workplaces that "reach beyond the restrictions of a traditional office environment," unshackle businesses from the limits of physical space, using online networking infrastructures to expand talent pools and limit costs. Building a successful distributed workplace takes careful planning, but doing so can create opportunities for workers regularly excluded from the technology work force. This talk will discuss practical ways in which workplace distribution can remove barriers to women, minorities, and those with physical and mental health challenges, while still supporting a thriving company culture. It will also discuss pragmatic strategies for managing a distributed environment that fosters success of underrepresented workers.

Specific topics will include:

* flexible scheduling to support working families
* technological accommodations for physical/mental disabilities
* Smart metrics to remove racial bias
* Fostering an inclusive company culture in a distributed environment
* The best tools for distributed management