Paris, France July 9, 2016
How we infuse our biases in the products we make and what we can do to change it
We seek the comfort of the digital to get away from society's idea of when we should work, play and at what time it is considered inappropriate to wear pyjamas. It seemed that online, we could be free from the physical world's constraints. As more and more people got online, those constraints (how old you are, your gender, what country you live in,..) bluntly inserted themselves in our online experience (Netflix geoblocking anyone ?). However, there is a bigger creep in town : the biases people who create digital product and games unknowingly weave in the digital interactions they create. From online forms to game apps, we will explore the biases that alienate potential customers, but also what it means for citizens as democracies move to the "objective" and "unbiased" digital realm. How can we fight back as citizen, customers and creators ? We will end the lak by exploring some methods and solutions to keep our own biases in check and make our creations as inclusive as possible.