Sunday, August 20 2017

New York City, NY

10:00am to 5:00pm

AlterConf was a traveling conference series that provided safe opportunities for marginalized people and those who support them in the tech and gaming industries. By highlighting the powerful voices and positive initiatives of local community members, we built hope and strengthened the community’s resolve to create safer spaces for everyone.

The conferences went beyond the limited definitions and basic discussions of diversity to create a deeper, more nuanced conversation. Each conference featured a wide range of speakers delivering critical analyses of tech and gaming culture and presented their vision for what our community can be.


Christine Bryant-Ryback

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Standing Desks and Free Pizza: Body Image Negotiations in Tech Spaces

TW: - Intentional weight loss and the medicalization of weight, sometimes in detail -...

Elizabeth Yalkut


STEM in single-gender education, stereotype threat, and plugging the pipeline

TW: tw: binary gender references, examples of stereotype threats

Katriel Paige

The Privilege of Making

TW: Poverty. Race / heritage and gender as compounding factors.

Rachel Honor Vincent


Social rules, finger waggling, and direct feedback dinosaurs: fostering healthy communication on small teams

TW: In this talk I'll discuss some negative social interactions as examples of subtle...

Seán Hanson


On Quiet Developers

TW: workplace and employment discrimination; brief mentions of mental illness, micro-...

Yasmin J. Mattox

Integrating Family & Career: Ensuring Women's Dreams Continue to Take Flight After Motherhood

TW: Postpartum Depression; Depression, Suicide, Infant Mortality, Maternal Mortality;...