New York City, NY August 20, 2017
I'm sorry I can't stop saying sorry

I interrupt. I'm impulsive. My school sent me to social skills therapy. Such is the nature of growing up with ADHD- navigating social conventions is a learned skill as opposed to a natural talent. However, as an adult in the professional world, I'm constantly torn between the ability to identify my social faux pas and the need to assert myself as a woman.
As an example, when starting my job, I was appalled my coworkers insisted I stop apologizing as women tend to over apologize. I was at a constant and isolating loss of words as there seemed to be no way for me to communicate that proper social conventional dictates it's necessary to acknowledge interrupting.
With gained experience, this still presents a struggle to this day. I will share what I've learned so far, the continued work for myself and the Industry, and how we can learn to adopt those with different abilities.