Seattle, WA May 30, 2015
Breaking Down Diversity in Tech One Company At a Time

There has been no shortage of press in recent months on the topic of diversity in tech. While these articles have done a fair job of illuminating specific issues and the problem in general, in most cases they have not provided insight into how we can actually work to solve the problem(s). At Substantial, we started the year by announcing Spectrum, a year-long initiative focused on making it not only a more inclusive workplace, but an advocate for diversity in tech in the community at large. It's been a few months of learnings and increasing awareness, and we're ready to share what we've done so far. It's still very early in the initiative, but there are already some lessons that we can share, useful for both organizations and individuals, both those in decision-making capacity and not. Wanting to solve the problem is the first step, but let's turn those intentions into action.