Los Angeles, CA November 21, 2015
Disability isn't always what you expect

People living with disability aren't always obvious. You might meet these people, even work with them and not realize that they were disabled unless they told you. Some people with disabilities live in an in between state where they aren't fully disabled but have distinct experiential differences from those in better general health.

Living with chronic disease and disability can provide unexpected insights and cultivate skills of thought and action that might seem otherwise inaccessible. Too much emphasis on coping with symptoms of disease and disability in the name of work and career can create a false duality. Focusing on some narrow domain such as programming comes to seem like the best idea ever, until whatever was causing those symptoms evolves to send stronger messages that something's wrong. And then the sky starts falling. Human experience is broader than that and the best insights come from the most unexpected places. Don't box yourself in!